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Meet Your New Outsource Marketing Department!

Z TAKIMI is a "Growth and Profitability Agency" which is focused on information technology and professional services industries. We determine the problems that you experience during the sales process, develop specific growth strategies for you, and offer marketing services from which you can gain financial outcomes.

We partner with the companies that want to increase their sales opportunities and their revenues. We understand the complexity of long sales cycles and know what is necessary to achieve sales goals.

Our team consists of professionals with various skills required to successfully plan and execute demand generation and marketing programs.
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    Sales Focused

    Our aim is not just to produce good designs, but also to transform all your marketing activities into sales.

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    Expert in our Field

    We offer solutions that make a difference in the field of SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) marketing, especially in the IT (Information Technology) sector.

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    International Experience

    Our experience is not limited to the borders of Turkey. We are also experienced in marketing abroad, especially in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

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    Professional Team

    Award-winning designers, award-winning directors, award-winning merketers... Our team consists of professionals who have won numerous awards throughout their careers.