How To Take An Effective Success Story Video In 8 Practical Steps?

Hello to everyone. How to Shoot an Effective Success Story Video in 8 Practical Steps? Many questions came to the video about the previous blogs we shared, and we wanted to share with you this blog titled What should be considered when shooting success story videos. Success story video is one of corporate video production for a company to increase its sales.

What are these steps?

1) A Minimum of Two Cameras Should Be Used, Not One!

The first mistake; to date, many companies have made, no matter how corporate, no matter how many employees and no matter how big, companies put one camera in front of their customers while shooting, asking one customer to tell something about the success story. There is no question, there is no text, there is nothing, the customer is also in front of the camera and trying to talk that he can speak naturally. But the success story video doesn't make it that way. The first rule of the Success Story video is that there should be two cameras, not a camera, which is a minimum. If necessary, a camera should only pull the speaker's hand or, if necessary, take an image from behind. So what we're going to say here is that one camera should be very close to where the speaker's eye is looking or where the speaker's eye is looking, the other camera is a little closer to the profile, but the second camera should see it at an angle of 30% -40% from where it looks, which is the first story of this success story. It is the rule. What does that give us? Our speaker is never a professional speaker, our speaker is never a newscaster, he makes mistakes when that happens. In order to close these errors in fiction, we have to shoot with 2 cameras. In order to eliminate the problem of editing and to capture the speaker from a different perspective, two cameras are essential, the third camera can shoot hand movements and the fourth camera can shoot from behind. For him, the number of cameras is important.

2) Speaker Should Prepare A Text Before The Success Story Video Is Shot.

We go to many shots, we shoot a lot of success stories, and one of the most important problems we observe is that the speaker is not prepared in any way. This brings many problems. The speaker does not know what to talk, does not know what to talk about, some speakers are not even in the project, we will mention this in one of the following items. Text is very important for him. You want to give a message. You want to produce sales with this success story video and your content needs to be very strong. Therefore, you should definitely talk to the speaker before filming the video, you should try to impose what you want to talk, what you want to talk to the speaker if necessary, so that you can shoot a more successful success story video. The success story video is also one of the company's sales tools.

3) A Text Prepared For Speech Should Not Be Placed In Front Of The Speaker!

The text can be prepared, the speaker can plan what he or she will talk to, but may not be able to speak when he is in front of the camera. This is usual. In this case, you can ask the speaker to speak by focusing on a different place without looking at the camera. However, the speaker may not be able to do so and may not speak. In such cases, many speakers choose the easy way and say, koyun Put it on a piece of paper, put the text on it, project it and I'll read it,. If you look carefully at the screen, you'll see the speaker's eye constantly shifting, even though it's not very obvious on these small screens, it becomes clearly apparent on larger screens and disturbs the viewers. Because the speaker in a success story video you want to be realistic reads and speaks. In fact, this creates a question mark in the viewer. However, we, as a company, should definitely not leave the audience in doubt.

4) The Speaker's Clothing Must Be Suitable For The Success Story!

Many speakers may not know what to wear because they have never taken any shots before. They should be given a brief on what to wear before shooting. In this regard; it will be better if the speaker preferred a slightly lighter color. The speaker should not wear frequently striped, checkered shirts. The speaker must always have a formal outfit. In general, the speaker should speak without sitting. The speaker's standing speech means a bit more interactive video.

5) Appropriate Background Should Be Selected When Shooting Success Story Video!

Success story videos must have a depth of field and depth of field in the background, and if there is depth of field, we can focus on talking by making the background a bit darker. In this way, the audience can only focus on the speaker and become a more descriptive, more beautiful success story video, listening to all the content. Rather than making it a depth of field, there is a shadow on the back, a transition that you need to pay attention to as much as possible. If possible, you can ask for a preparation before the day of shooting. The location where you will shoot a video may be a lighted logo with a logo at the company entrances. There won't be depth of field you can shoot, but if you have a logo at the back, it would be a nice image. If possible, it is advantageous to plan the cleanliness and silence of the place you will take the day before and give a fine warning about it.

6) Success Story Video Before Shooting, Questions To Ask The Speaker Must Be Determined!

We shoot a success story, yes, but why do we do this? Because the company actually wants to make more sales as all the companies want. One of the ways to make sales is the success of our previous sales. You can present it to your prospects with success and with these success story videos or success story documents, but it is very important that you choose the right question when presenting it. So what are your customers wondering? Whatever are customers wondering, this should be your questions in the video that you will make a success story. Because; our customers has progressed to a place, came up to a place and now you want to find answers to those questions and you are taking success story for him, and if you ask the right question here, you will attract your candidate and give an indirect answer to your customers, and this is great for you to make sales provides a contribution.

7) The Title Of The Speaker Will Affect The Watching Rate Of The Video When Shooting A Success Story!

What is the title of the person you want to shoot? Is it related to our project? Sometimes we can shoot a person in a completely irrelevant title. Because only he can give approval, he says okay you can come and shoot me, but you do the person related to the job, if possible, it is important to shoot a video with a person in the administrator position. The person you're filming here may leave work one day, which is a different perspective. For him, the more senior a speaker is, the longer the video will be for you. This is very important, but you also have a greater chance of making decisions with your leads who will watch the video.

8) Time Management Is Important In Success Story Video.

Time management is very important in a success story, why? You usually have a day or less to shoot a video, and you try to shoot a video in a limited time frame. You must take a minimum of 1 hour of the speaker. Why is that? Actually, this varies from speaker to speaker, but you can also talk about the camera setup, what to talk to the speaker, how to talk, what to pay attention to. Especially if you are going to take a shot outside the province in the morning, you must go to work in the morning, you do not only shoot interviews, not only shoot the success story, you do not shoot only the things that the speaker speaks, you also collect the company's stock video from the company, important the project to stock video required.

What do we call stock video? You shoot while you write something on the speaker laptop, or shoot while the speaker is holding a meeting, you pull the company, you make the appearance, you shoot the drone if necessary, but you get some images that you can interspers during the conversation. The only limiting point for us here is the time for it. If possible, we need to take a full day and complete all the shots in a day.

These are the steps to be taken to make an effective success story video. If you take the success story video by following these 8 steps, there will be an increase in your viewing and sales rates that even you will be surprised. In addition to these, you can also share with us any steps you need to pay attention to in the success story video. We'll be happy to give you tips on your blogs. Do not forget! Anyone can have a success story, but some make a difference. If you want your success story video to be more effective and powerful and to carry you to success faster in line with your brand goals, contact our team. Say a stronger hello to your industry with our customized solutions.

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