You Want To Sell Your Company But There Is No Offer. What Should You Do?

Hello everyone, in this blog, we will cover a topic that is sometimes on the top and sometimes on the bottom, but on the agenda of almost all brands. I've been trying to sell my company for 5 years, but I never got an offer. What should I do? This is one of the most frequently asked questions.

1) Potential Buyers Listed.

First of all, if you are trying to sell your company, have you listed the potential buyers who can buy your company, first of all you should start here.

2) Potential Buyers Should Be Notified That You Sell The Company.

Then you have to ask yourself the question, do potential buyers know that you are putting your company up for sale? If he doesn't know how to buy the company, he needs to know. Then most of the time they are not aware of these buyers. Who will inform these buyers, will you contact them directly, will you use a broker / broker, or is there someone else who acts as an intermediary? Most of the time, a broker becomes a broker, an acquirer who deals with the purchase, and the companies that provide the consultancy act as intermediaries, it is more logical to proceed from this scenario. They need to inform them, so how do we choose our broker, when choosing a broker, you should look at: What companies are in this broker's potential buyer portfolio? Has he previously bought a company in the same sector as your company and sold it to another company? You have to examine them, how many sales transactions per year, we need to look at this, how to look at these international connections. After all, you need to choose a broker, of course, the first thing you do most of the time when you choose a broker, is to measure the value of your company. We need to evaluate your company, while doing so, they look at your financial performance in the past years, your recurring income, the intellectual capital IP of our company, and many other factors. Without this evaluation, any company does not mediate your sales.

3) Institution

After that, the most important problem in our opinion is the sale of the company, we said that I have been trying to sell my company for 5 years. The main reason for this is; SMEs are often boss-dependent companies. If you cannot institutionalize, you can define institutionalization as follows; If the company can continue at the same pace when you dismiss the boss, yes, you have caught an institutionalization, but no no boss when the company is wobbling when the boss is having problems that often happens, then your company will buy the company queries it, seriously because the company will buy but you 3 After 5 years or 5 years, you will go after completing the mandatory service. So you need to catch up with this institutionalization, look at this, as the boss when you leave the company at the same pace, try to ensure that the company can continue. When we do this institutionalization, you will see that the offers will start to come slowly.

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