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How Ayrotek Increased Their Sales Opportunities With Digital Marketing?

Ayrotek an IBM GOLD Partner, has produced many sales opportunities thanks to the digital marketing with the Z TAKIMI.


How does MBIS Build a Digital Marketing Structure that Supports Sales?

MBIS's General Manager Cenk Salihoğlu, Z TAKIMI evaluated the digital marketing studies. Together, we have...


Z Video

You Want To Sell Your Company But There Is No Offer. What Should You Do?

Hello everyone, in this blog, we will cover a topic that is sometimes on the top and sometimes on the bottom, but on the agenda of almost all brands.


How Can You Increase Your Brand Awareness By Using Digital Marketing?

Produce the best product in the world or provide the best service in the world. If your brand awareness is not high...


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The Most Effective CTA Writing Techniques for Your Email Campaigns

It can be hard to tell people what you're doing and convince them to click on your CTA. How do you get your subscribers to leave your mail inbox and visit your landing page?


How To Take An Effective Success Story Video In 8 Practical Steps?

What is a success story video? What should be considered when shooting success story videos? What are the most common mistakes when making a success story video? You can find answers to these questions and much more on this blog. In this blog, we have compiled the elements to be taken into consideration while shooting the success story video.


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